Sell Gold the Smart Way in Australia

In Voltaire’s immortal work Candide, the characters come upon El Dorado, a land where the very soil itself is solid gold, so much so that the natives are incredulously bemused at how much Candide and company value it. How could this oh-so-common shiny dust be so valuable to these European visitors? There are so many layers to Voltaire’s satire here, […]

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How do cash back cards work?

Cash back cards are essentially credit cards that work in your favor when you make purchases from certain merchants. The banks issuing the cards liaison with merchants to offer the cash back facility. When you spend a minimum amount or buy certain items from the specified merchants, a percentage of your spending is credited back to you. This in a […]

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Payday Loans – A Necessary Evil

Payday loans have been a subject of criticism, yet a necessity in the monetary realm. A sudden financial crisis is depressing and gloomy, causing the person battling such situations resort to extreme measures to make ends meet and payday loans is one such method. Moreover, a sudden urgency for quick cash also paves the way for adopting payday loans. Out […]

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