Everything You Wanted To Know About Fast Installment Loans!

If you are dealing with a tough financial month, getting some extra cash can help in easing the situation considerably. There’s always the choice of a payday loan, which is payable after your next pay date, but an installment loan might work better. Fast installment loans are short-term personal loans, which are unsecured and usually paid over a few months, depending on the arrangement you have with the lender.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to apply?

The requirements, norms, and aspects related to installment loans depend on many factors, including the country you live in.  For example, you can get quick and easy loans by BC Loans in Canada, for amounts up to $750. The whole process can be completed online, and yes, you don’t need any security or an elaborate credit check. BC Loans offers a hassle-free way to get the loan, and they only have ‘view-only’ privileges for your bank account. You can expect the money in your account in just one day, if the application is approved.

Interest rates and more

Unsecured loans, by nature, have a higher interest rate, and installment loans are no different. Nevertheless, the payment can be paid over a few installments, which means that your next month’s salary isn’t affected. The installment is directly debited from the account, but you can go for a manual arrangement, as well. Interest rates vary but expect to pay something more of less than 30%, and there’s also a transaction fee involved. Much like secured loans, there are interest and other late payment charges payable on delays and defaults, so bear that in mind before applying.

Words of caution

While installment loans are great for immediate and short-term financial needs, this is not something that one must use for reckless and unplanned spending. Considering the high interest rate, lenders often recommend borrowers to be careful with the money they get. Use such loans to consolidate bills and dues, but don’t use this as a choice of shopping or travel, unless you are completely sure of taking the charge of installments every month. Also, always use a website that’s reliable and known and check the kind of support they offer for their clients. Don’t shy away from asking questions if you don’t understand the terms and conditions, and make sure there is no room for hidden or unexplained charges.

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