Is It Possible To Boost Your Credit Score Using Personal Loan?

How can I improve my credit score?

This is one common question which most of the people ask often in open forums.  Check the following details to know how to improve your credit score.

One technique is to apply for a personal loan. A personal loan is capable to have a great impact on your credit score. If you are able to pay a little more than your EMI towards your loan every month then you can easily improve your credit score with personal loans. However, if you already have a good credit score then you will not see much difference with a personal loan.

Here is how a personal can affect your credit score.

  • Your credit card debts can spoil your credit score in a very bad way. Hence, it is better to clear your credit card debts by taking a personal loan.
  • A debt on your personal loan (PL) may not ruin your credit score badly like the debts on your credit card.
  • A PL would be your perfect choice to clear your debts easily and quickly. As a result you can observe a great improvement in your credit score.

What is a Personal Loan (PL)?

This is a type of loan which can be used for your personal uses like medical expenses, marriage, buying an electronic device or furniture or for any other purpose. Besides, this personal loan is of 2 types and they are

  • Secured Personal Loans – You need to provide collateral security to avail secured personal loans. They usually have a high tenure compared to the unsecured personal loans. The rate of interest is also low in this type of loans.
  • Unsecured Personal Loans – These unsecured personal loans doesn’t require collateral security. However, the rate of interest is little high. These unsecured loans will be really beneficial to the people with bad credit score. In simple words, repaying your loan on time can improve your credit score.

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The amount to be taken against personal loan needs to be determined wisely. Whether low or high, you will need to pay the interest. Certainly, loans are good support when you are unable to handle the finances but it is also necessary to repay the borrowed fund as soon as possible to avoid extra interest and penalty.